Pasta with tomatoes gratin

Pasta with tomatoes gratin is a recipe to give us pleasure. So a recipe does not need to be complicated, should not be complicated to give us pleasure. you will see.The simplicity of a recipe, when we cook every day, is an essential quality. So i suggest you to discover a simple recipe, easy to cook, if it’s possible, with tomatoes from your garden, but if not, some well-grown tomatoes and ripe too.
So I offer you an Italian recipe, specifically this is a recipe from Puglia.
Puglia, you know? You see Italian map ? You see the « heel » of the boot? Puglia, this is the heel and up, up along the Adriatic coast until Vieste, and more inland, San Severo . This recipe : Pasta and tomatoes gratin is particularly native of Foggia, in the north of Puglia. So just an information, I do not want you to be surprised (just in case), this is not a recipe for pasta gratin, no, only the tomatoes are browned with oven… You will discover this recipe is extra!It’s a « single dish » without meat ! So, if you can not make a meal without meat, choose a ham with herbs, some beautiful and thin slices as our Italian friends are so good to do that, it will be perfect ! sarà perfetto! ; )

Type de recette :

Pasta with tomatoes gratin is a single dish. In Italy, in italian restaurant they say « secondo ».

Number of people :

Recipe for 4 people.

Preparation time :

Less than 15 min.

Temps de cuisson :

• Oven tomatoes : 20 mn – 180°C
• « al dente » Pasta = it depends on the type of pasta you have chosen for the recipe = usually between 6 and 9 min

Do you know what is « al dente » ? « Al dente « is a top point of cooking pasta. pasta are a little resistant.

Ingrédients pour les pâtes et tomates gratinées

• Pasta  : 400 g
• Tomatoes (ripe) : 8
• breadcrumbs : 60 à 80 g
• Garlic : 4 large cloves
• fresh oregano : 100g
• Oliv Oil : few threads
• Some salt & freshly ground pepper
• Coarse salt : 2 tsp (to cook pasta)

Recipe step by step

Oven tomatoes preparation :

• Mince garlic
• Cut the tomatoes in half and discard seeds.
• Add breadcrumbs on each tomato half
• Oil the baking dish
• Place the tomatoes in the dish
• Add olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper over tomatoes
• Place the dish in the oven at 180 ° C (gas mark 6)
• Bake and broil

Pasta preparation

• Heat the water in the cocotte with lid
• Add the coarse salt when the water boils.
• Add the pasta and mix – Do not replace the cover
• Cooking « al dente » (depending on the type of pasta, see the information)
• While the pasta is cooking, chop the oregano.

Last step :

• Tomatoes are cooked and browned and the pasta is « al dente ».
• Wring pasta.
• Remove from oven and pour the pasta with tomatoes and mix well.
• Sprinkle oregano (if you have not found fresh oregano, you can use dried oregano)
• If necessary, add olive oil

It’s ready 😉 !

What wine with this dish

I suggest you to choose an Italian wine, a Tuscan wine. Italy is a great wine country, I’m sure that you can find one that suits you and not necessarily too expensive! Have a good meal 😉 !

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